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a practice in authenticity

Osteogenuine is a practice in authenticity, the establishment of genuine relationships to oneself, to others and to one’s environment. Osteogenuine comes from 'Osteo' - relating to the bones and ‘Genuine’ - relating to truth or authenticity.

The focus of Osteogeunuine is on functionality rather than aesthetic and form. 

It’s more than a dance practice.
Osteogenuine is a compilation of several interests that have shaped my life journey for a long time, including Alchemy, rituals, self-development, metaphysics, mythologies, martial arts and, of course, dance; into a practice that consists of much more than pedagogy. A practice in the “Art of Lifestyle”, if you will.


Alchemia Exteriores

(development material)

Playing a large influence on my artistic and lifestyle practices, Alchemy has been a huge informant to Osteogenuine. The overall organisational structure of the system has been derived from using the Alchemic hierarchy of elements as a base template.

This has supplied me with a solid and concise way to structure the method in a fashion that is intuitive to me.

Two influential schools of alchemy in this process are:

  • Occidental
    Elements include: Influenced by European countries, Spiritual practices include Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. Medicinal practices include Ancient Egyptian, Ayruveda, European antiquity, Hippocratic, etc.
  • Oriental 
    (Wu Xing) Philosophy from China. Spiritual practices include Taoism. Medical practices include Traditional Chinese medicine and Qi Gong

Process and Research

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