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Interchange Festival: Matt Shilcock

As part of Critical Path's 2017 Interchange Festival a workshop will be held by Matt Shilcock, introducing concepts being developed through the Osteogenuine methodology.

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Workshop Matt Shilcock Osteogenuine – Alchemia Exteriores
We will be exploring our body’s relationship to space, time and environment using alchemic symbology and sacred geometry influences on the Osteogenuine methods. The workshop will be exploring intention of movement, devising choreographic pathways derived from geometric patterns and symbology created from the dancers’ own statements of intent for self transformation.

Matt Shilcock explores the choreographic potential of transmutation circles and mapping the process human experience through Alchemic symbology. In essence, recording the recipe and process of personal transmutation, using dance to create a bridge manifesting the ethereal into the physical; a dance of self-transformation.


Critical Path
1C New Beach Road
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

Later Event: November 13
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