Alkemik Konnections


June 2018, X Dance Festival, Helsinki Finland

A collaboration with Kaaos Company

For as long as humankind has existed, we have used art as a medium to record and communicate things that have happened and predict what may happen. All languages in use today can be traced back to common roots, with ties to mythologies, legends and accounts of ‘supernatural’ events. But are these events ‘supernatural’ or is the modern human so removed from nature that we are so unable to recognise and read the energies flowing around and through us; that idea of manipulating these energies is completely incomprehensible?

Choreographers: Matt Shilcock and Melinda Tyquin

Performers: Georgie Goater, Gunilla Sjövall, Noora Västinen, Emmi Vainio, Melinda Tyquin, Matt Shilcock

Composers: ForgottenDawn, MangosteenMan, Creation Creator