Matt Shilcock is a South Australian based contemporary dance theatre artist. Diagnosed at birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as ‘brittle bone disorder’, he spent much of his youth in a wheelchair before learning to walk at the age of fifteen.

Matt has a Certificate III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training and is a 2nd Kyu in Budo Taijutsu and specialised weaponry, with a strength in adapting mobility aids to weaponised use. His passion for fitness and health extends from his own accomplishments in transitioning from a fulltime wheelchair user to his current practices in dance, fitness and martial arts.

Matt began performing professionally in 2009 and has since engaged with companies across Australia including Murmuration, De Quincey Co, No Strings Attached Theatre for Disability, Restless Dance Theatre, Kaldor Public Arts, and internationally with Kaaos Company (FI) Mass Box (CH), Touch Compass (NZ), Full Radius (USA), Candoco (UK), Independence (UK), FreeWill Theatre (HK) and the Van L Dance Company (UK).

Recent works include Alkemik Konnections (Matt Shilcock, 2018), Days Like These (Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, 2018), PLATFORM 2016: Fleshing the Ghost (De Quincey Co, 2016) and The Likes of Me (Matt Shilcock, 2015).

Matt is a current ensemble member with Murmuration Dance Theatre and continues to develop his independent practice with experienced professionals like Dean Walsh, Vangelis Legakis, Leigh Warren, Janet Bridgman and others. Studying the anatomy and physics of dance, Osteogenuine cross-applies that knowledge to his studies in holistic remedies and alchemy.

Matt is a recipient of a 2017 artist exchange program with Critical Path (NSW) and Dance4 (UK), taking a month residency at the International Centre for Choreography in Nottingham (UK).


Alkemmik Konnections

June 2018

For as long as humankind has existed, we have used art as a medium to record and communicate things that have happened and predict what may happen. All languages in use today can be traced back to common roots, with ties to mythologies, legends and accounts of ‘supernatural’ events. But are these events ‘supernatural’ or is the modern human so removed from nature that we are so unable to recognise and read the energies flowing around and through us; that idea of manipulating these energies is completely incomprehensible?

Choreographers & Performers: Matt Shilcock and Melinda Tyquin

Composers: ForgottenDawn, MangosteenMan

Days Like These

2015 - currently touring

A work in development, ‘Days Like These’ is a multi artform work exploring the familiar subject of tears and the varied ways we, as humans, express our emotions. Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher’s images of the microscopic structures of dried human tears has been the starting point for the research and development.

PLATFORM 2016: Fleshing the Ghost

August 2016

Performances by artists individually coached and mentored by Tess De Quincy of De Quincey Co. Performed at Kings Cross Theatre.

The Likes Of Me

2015 - Ongoing development

A contemporary movement theatre piece.
Born out of a collaboration/mentorship with Dean Walsh and Matt 'Shillie' Shilcock, The Likes of Me is an autobiographical work exploring the philosophies of negative eugenics, “undesirable traits in the human gene-pool”, self-discovery and acceptance.


December 2014

Artistic submission to Ausdance SA’s 2014 Choreolab. A 10 minute improvised movement piece themed around “Where do I place my Body?”. ‘Scomodo’ is the Italian word for comfortable.