An Embodiment of Intention...

Where do you want to be? Where are you now? How will you get from here to there?

Influenced by written recordings of ancient alchemical practices, Alchemia Exteriores explores esoteric teachings and practices to create a platform for artistic expression.

Alchemia Exteriores: Sigil-Man exercise

  1. We start with a Statement of Intention:
    e.g. “I want to see a red ball”

  2. We redefine that statement as an absolute, (like we already have achieved it)
    e.g. “I see a red ball” or “I am looking at a red ball”

  3. We refine the statement by removing every letter that appears more than once:
    e.g. “I am looking at a red ball”…. M N G R E D B

  4. We trace this refined statement we made in Step 3 on to our sigil wheel:

Screenshot 2018-03-11 21.13.46.png

This is your Sigil for your intention.
Become familiar with this pattern, try drawing it until it becomes second nature to you, like a signature.

5. Let’s trace your Sigil on the Virtruvian Man:

Overlaying our sigil pattern on Leonardo Di Vinci's Virtruvian Man

Overlaying our sigil pattern on Leonardo Di Vinci's Virtruvian Man

The sigil we created becomes our map for creating choreography.

There are limitless possibilities, but here are some suggestions:

  • What if every Vowel represents a limb (A is Head, O is Left Arm, E is Left Leg, I is Right Arm, U is Right Leg)
    What is it like for your limb to trace that pattern in space? On your body? On the floor?
    Is there more than one vowel in your Sigil? How do you change leadership from one limb to another?

  • Can you hold your body into the shape of your Sigil?

  • What Dance techniques are you familiar with?
    How can you create this pattern with your favourite moves?

  • Think about your original Statement of Intention. What movement can you create using this pattern to bring that Statement alive?

For and example of this composition process in action, see the video to the right…

Music Composition:

An example of chord harmonics presented in a wheel

An example of chord harmonics presented in a wheel

We can also use the same Signalisation Methodology that we used for creating Choreography to compose music, using chord progressions created from transcribing the Signalisation process.

I am currently in discussion with some experienced musicians and technicians on how to explore the applications of this theory.

We have identified some exciting technologies to further explore. Including stage size electric drum pads, proximity instruments (like laser harp and theremin) and motion detection devices. 


Example: Working from the statement "I am Peace and Love".

Using the afore mentioned process, we transpose or sigil for the letters "I M P C N D L O V", which gives us the chords C, D, A#, G#, C, D, D#, F# (using an previous version of the chord chart).

For an example of this method of composition, play the track below: