Over 2017 I have been invited to give 2 presentations at the National Library and the University of Sydney


BOLD Festival

9 - 10 March 2017
The National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT.

The BOLD Festival is Directed by Liz Lea, an independent dance artist and producer based in the ACT and NSW. Our panel includes Dr Gene Moyle, Cris Kennedy. Tammi Gissell and Dr Stephanie Burridge. Our partners are the National Library of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Australia, QL2 Dance and Ausdance ACT.


Here We Are

13 November 2017
IO Myers Studio, Creative Practice Lab, D9, 2 High St, Kensington NSW 2052 (School of Arts & Media, UNSW)

Presentation of Critical Path sponsored dance artists at the University of New South Wales for an evening of artists’ sharings of their work.

Alison Plevey continues experimentation for a solo project investigating the extreme climates of the body. How can she derive choreographic material from a deep tuning to the movements, temperatures, flows and shifts within the body? What is physiologically happening? What is imaginatively happening? How is this translated or expressed? What role does place have in evoking new lenses to experience these shifts?

Matt Shilcock explores the choreographic potential of transmutation circles and mapping the process human experience through Alchemic symbology. In essence, recording the recipe and process of personal transmutation, using dance to create a bridge manifesting the ethereal into the physical; a dance of self-transformation.

Amaara Raheem shares video tests made during her recent research residency with Critical Path and Creative Practice Lab, UNSW; using video, writing, choreography and performance to explore neurological pathways, mobility and migration.