On this page are some examples of the Alchemia Exteriores method in use and the choreographic material generated. See the section on process for more in-depth detail on how the process is used.



As a starting point, and for the sake of having an example, I have chosen the Latin phrase "Solve Et Coagula" (translated as "take apart and put back together", the motto of Alchemy) as my Statement of Intent, which is appropriate since this process is all about dissecting and analysing movement to understand the workings, then stitching it back together to form a phrase.


Above is an example of how the Alchemia Exteriores Sigilisation process and be used to create a diagram for movement annotation and planning. Working on paper like this allowed me to design a phrase that was not available in my body at the time. Below you will find examples of tis phrase gong through a process of being transalted from my imagination, to other bodies.

Solve Et Coagula (two dancers)

Working with 2 dancers (Melinda Tyquin and Matthew Plummer) I directed them in physicalising the phrase that I imagined and had drawn on the paper. they were able to completely capture my intended movements.

solve et coagula (Adapted floor phrase)

The phrase above (performed by Melinda Tyquin) is an example of translating the Solve Et Coagula phrase to a person using a wheelchair (me), and the translating that phrase back onto an abled body.

Solve et coagula (crutches adapted)

This video shows the Solve Et Coagula phrase adapted again to introduce the use of crutches. In this phrase, arms are used to perform leg movements and level changes are expressed through weight transfer.


solve et coagula (Wheelchair Adapted, as duet)

In this duet both performers (Melinda Tyquin and Matt Shilcock) are performing the Solve Et Coagula phrase and finding ways to link it as a duet.